Hurstville City Council – Kogarah City Council Boundary Hearing

Hurstville City Council – Kogarah City Council Boundary Hearing
Venue: Club Central, Hurstville
Date: February 3, 2016
Delegate: Mike Allen

My name is Brian Shaw, President of the City of Hurstville Residents Association. Our organisation has represented the Ratepayers of Hurstville for 35 years and I have been President for 26 years. I have attended Hurstville Council meetings for over 27 years.

I first found out about this meeting while reading the Sydney Morning Herald at Delegate in Southern NSW.

My Association has spent over 30 hours discussing this Proposal and make the following submission:

1. Residents of Hurstville have made it clear they want to stand alone. 65% of a community survey stated that is their opinion to our Council.

2. There is no ground swell to amalgamate within Hurstville or any other local area council.

3. IPART has found Hurstville LGA fit to stand alone.

4. The Minister and Premier have proposed an argument for “Scale and Capacity” for which they are unable to clearly educate Rate Payers of NSW. There is no publications from the state government only the Minister’s whim which we are to obey

5. There is a statement that Size and Capacity will gain savings but this does not take into account savings through Southern Sydney Region Organisation Councils, and organisations like Georges River Combined Councils and Cooks River Alliance and individual agreements between councils on Garbage collection (contract between Hurstville, Rockdale and Kogarah).

6. We believe there should be some adjustment to boundaries for Hurstville only. The western boundary with Canterbury Council should be redrawn to take in the areas from Salt Pan Creek, Josephine Street and Broad Arrow Road and King Georges Road to the M5. When the boundaries were established in 1887 Broad Arrow Road was the only natural boundary and then it followed to Wolli Creek.

The Northern Boundary of Kingsgrove Road and Croydon Road and Botany Street should be moved north to take in the present Rockdale No1 and No 4 Wards which were old Bexley Ward and then Council. This would unite a number of suburbs such as Riverwood, Narwee, Beverly Hills, Kingsgrove, as well as Carlton and Kogarah which are now divided by unnatural boundaries and lead to lazy governance by councils. Such changes would make Hurstville Council with an increased inhabitation by about 25 000.

7. We believe the council area should be divided into Wards.

8 We support the council electing the Mayor annually as it allows for a bad choice to be changed before too much damage is done.

9. We also believe there should be 12 councillors should Hurstville stand alone and 15 should the government force merge Hurstville and Kogarah council areas.

10. General Local Government Reform. The Sansom Report has many good reforms. We believe there should be no political parties in Local Government. We also believe there should be a mechanism which can remove councillors who behave badly which is not politically motivated.

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